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Dec. 31st, 2008

where is baby?
have you seen her?
i miss her so.

and where the fuck is julio. :(

so. tomorrow is 2009. in the year 2008 i did a great deal of things. 
i saw the mars volta twice. i saw mcr and the used again. i lost count how many times i've chatted with Mr. Craig Owens and seen chiodos. ha. ACL weekend will live on forever, it was the best weekend of my life thus far. and our rockstar lifestyle. that can't be helped. you know, you know. ;)
many other things happened too. things happened and i didnt even know they happened...seriously ridiculous accusations. and finally we moved out. we're out in the world and having a blast. i can't wait to go back. i miss the apartment so. :(

and green day's new record. oh there are going to be shows i want to go to. oh the money. got to budget now. fack.

i have one resolution. ok ok maybe two.
more faith. generally speaking.
and well the last one is something the three of us really need. haha. ;)

heres to more music and growing in 2009.
...and hopefully word of a new mars volta record!!
*crosses fingers*

i wonder if its bad luck to be sick on  new years eve/day.

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